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Principal Instructional Leadership Cooperative

July 04, 2022

Dr. Elodia Gutierrez, Administrator for Instructional Services • (361) 561-8504 •

The Principal Instructional Leadership Cooperative (PILC) provides opportunities for instructional leaders to gain or expand skills to be effective on their campus. The PILC offers monthly meetings (seven per year) to share in-depth and timely information for critical issues, training, and networking opportunities for attendees. Membership in the co-op also grants access to other services and training opportunities at discounted fees. Additionally, optional packages may be selected for purchase as outlined on subsequent pages.


• Monthly Principal Instructional Leadership Cooperative (PILC) meetings
• Onsite consultation, technical assistance, and trainings at reduced fees
• Principal Instructional Leadership Portal with information, presentations, and handouts

Sample Professional Development Topics

• Accountability
• Safety
• Instructional Leadership and Coaching
• Strategic Operations
• Special Education
• Human Capital
• Executive Leadership
• Family and Community Engagement
• School Culture

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